Personalised Kid’s Christmas Reindeer Scrapbook


Our personalised kid’s scrapbook/memory book is a unique, handmade gift which you can customise with your own text. Additional pages and gift box available.

Our 24-page, square format Personalised Kid’s Christmas Reindeer Scrapbook is a unique and individual handmade gift for recording all your Christmas fun and events. Suitable gift for your own children or friends and other family members.

You can use the book/album in a number of ways: as a guest, record, visitor, keepsake or as a small scrapbook book or photo album. Pages can be written or drawn on or photographs, mementos or cuttings can be stuck inside (with double-sided tape). Great personal gift for friends and family. Pages can take up to 7 x 5 inch photographs (one per page not per side is suggested when adding your own photos yourself).

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